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Biden: $3.5 Trillion Build Back Better Bill Is ‘Going to Transform America’

On August 24, President Biden announced, “Today, the House of Representatives has taken a significant step toward making a historic investment that’s going to transform America.” Biden elaborated: Today’s vote in the House allowed them to consider my Build Back Better agenda, a broad framework to make housing more affordable; bring down the cost of prescription […]

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If Biden, Harris Or Any Other Republicans Are Doing A Bad Job, It’s Our Right To Call Them Out!

Many black people on social media get angry at me when I call out black leaders who aren’t, in my opinion, serving America well. I do the same for white leaders as well, but nobody says anything about that. It’s called accountability. You know, the word. How about checks and balances. Our government calls for it […]

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Twitter Users Notice Tiny Detail on Airplane, Reveal Stunning Mistake Biden’s DOD Made

The Biden administration’s catastrophic response to the Afghanistan crisis continues to get worse by the day. The incompetence continued this week when Biden’s Department of Defense took to Twitter to share an image that claimed: “Afghan civilians board[ing] @usairforce C-17 Globemasters at Hamid Karzai International Airport in Kabul, Afghanistan.” Check out the tweet below: What’s […]

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Marjorie Taylor Greene Now Calling For Kamala Harris to Be Impeached Along with Biden

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene is now calling for Vice President Kamala Harris to be impeached along with President Joe Biden, citing her decision not to travel to Afghanistan as the country collapses back into Taliban control, though she went to Singapore and Vietnam this week. After appearing at a press conference with the House Freedom […]

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6-3 Supreme Court Vote Orders Biden to Reinstate ‘Remain in Mexico Policy’

The Supreme Court just voted 6-3 along party lines to overrule President Joe Biden. Biden’s radical left wing break from former President Trump’s “Remain in Mexico policy” is being overridden. Biden will now have to abide by the order whether he likes it or not. Reuters Reported: The court’s decision referenced its 2020 ruling that thwarted Trump’s […]

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White House Rages After Fox News Blames Jill Biden For Joe Biden’s Mental Dysfunction

The White House has slammed Fox News on Monday following comments made by Fox personality Rachel Campos-Duffy about First Lady Jill Biden, whom she partially blamed for the disaster in Afghanistan.  Jill Biden’s press secretary, Michael La Rosa, blasted Fox News on social media, calling Campos-Duffy’s comments “disgusting.”  “This is disgusting. @RCampusDuffy and @FoxNews know […]

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RNC Report Concludes Democrats Exploited Pandemic to Change Election Rules That Helped Biden

A new report from the Republican National Committee concludes that election laws were changed illegally in key states ahead of the November election under the guise of protecting voters from the COVID-19 pandemic in ways that helped Joe Biden win the presidency. “The pandemic brought chaos and comprehensive changes to voting processes beginning in the […]

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[VIDEO] Afghanistan Interpreter Whose Fingers Were Chopped Off By Taliban Asks Biden “Why Did You Leave Us Behind?”

An Afgan interpreter by the nake of Saver Nasseri appeared on Eric Boling’s Newsmax show, where he pleased with Joe Biden for help. The interpreter, who had 5 of his fingers chopped off by the Taliban, sent a message to Biden, asking him, “Why have you forgotten us? Why did you leave us behind?” And […]