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Many People Believe Biden’s “Situation Room” Photo Was Staged, and They Have “Evidence” to Prove it

A photo of Joe Biden sitting in his Camp David situation room, “overseeing” what’s going on in Afghanistan has been circulating. It was given to give the impression that Joe is truly “involved” in the Afghanistan catastrophe that his handlers have created. It’s a tough pill to swallow, especially because a big portion of the […]

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VIDEO Michelle Obama Says People Believe Her Husband Is President Of The World .

Michelle Obama said that folks around the world believe that her husband, former President Obama, is that the president of the planet. The former first lady made the comments last week at the Obama Foundation Summit at the Illinois Institute of Technology. “There’s a power within the selection of Jackson Park,” she said, PJ Media […]

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Pelosi Begs USA To Believe Her Not Their Lying Eyes After Stunt Backfires: ‘We Didn’t Hold Up’ Aid

Nancy Pelosi just pulled a Joe Biden and got confused on national television. First, she bragged about delaying the next round of stimulus (while millions were hurting) before denying she held up aid and tried to blame the GOP. “Two weeks ago today, Secretary Mnuchin called me and he said he wanted a quarter of […]