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Bill And Hillary Are In Barr’s Crosshairs Again – John Durham Is Officially Investigating Clinton Foundation

The Clintons thought they were free and clear after all these years outside Washington. But it looks like things aren’t going as planned. John Durham, of all people, has uncovered something during his investigation of the government’s probe into the Trump campaign. His findings are leading him back to the Clintons. Now one of their […]

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DOJ Spox Rips Chuck Todd For ‘Deceptive Editing’ Of AG Barr’s Remarks Over Flynn Case: “Very Disappointed”

Sunday on NBC’s “Meet the Press”, Chuck Todd aired a clip of Attorney General William Barr’s interview with CBS News’ Catherine Herridge from this week, when he was asked how history would look back on his department’s decision to dismiss the case against General Michael Flynn. Shortly after, Kerri Kupec, the Department of Justice Spox, […]