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Barr Orders Raid on Adam Schiff’s House After Audit Reveals Fraud

The Department of Justice struck in the early hours, raiding the house of Adam Schiff after they were tipped off by the IRS of fraudulent activity involving the liberal politician. Agents could be seen removing massive amounts of paper, boxes, several computers, and quite a few mobile devices out of the home. According to preliminary […]

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Barr Preparing Indictment Against Omar for Election Fraud

President Trump wants the November election to be fair. That is why he instructed Attorney General Barr to investigate all cases of election fraud. They want to “nip it in the bud.” Naturally, a minority Democrat was the first target of this unbiased investigation. Barr launched an investigation into Omar’s phone records and the results […]

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AG Barr Indicts 8 For Funneling Millions In Foreign Donations To Schiff, Clinton And Top Senate Democrats [Update]

 Just when we were looking for a sign from Attorney General Barr that he was in fact the ‘real deal’ and not going to shrink away from his obligations to rout out corruption and treason, especially in the highest offices in our land, he delivers. As The Gateway Pundit pointed out, you will not see […]

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Barr: Outside Radicals Hijacking Protests, Federal Crime to Cross State Lines to Incite Violent Rioting

Watch as Bill Barr claims that outside agitators are infiltrating the protests, using Antifa like tactics, and it “is a federal crime to cross state lines or to use interstate facilities to incite or participate in violent rioting and we will enforce those laws” Transcript: It’s real and legitimate. Accountability for his death must be […]

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Bill Barr Drops Hammer, Hits First Rioter With Federal Charges In Chicago: “Let’s start a riot”

Bill Barr and the DOJ just followed through on yesterday’s promise to crack down on the rioters and looters and start bringing federal criminal charges. Matthew Lee Rupert who was heard on a video saying “let’s start a riot” and “I’m going to start doing some damage,” was arrested Sunday night. Chicago police arrested him […]

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Bill Barr Indicts 8 People For Illegally Funneling Millions In Foreign Money To Hillary’s Campaign In 2016

In an odd twist of fate, Bill Barr just arrested 8 people and charged them with illegally funneling foreign money to Hillary Clinton’s 2016 campaign. But it gets weirder. One of those charged is George Nader – it looks like he flipped as the feds have him locked up on kiddie porn charges. Nader works […]

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Gametime: Attorney General Barr Sets His Sights On George For Subverting Legal System And Causing “Increase In Violent Crime And More Victims”

The fact that I have to state this before I begin to opine on this story is a good indication of just how messed up our society is: Before you try to smear me as an ‘antisemite’ for criticizing George, and calling out, what i believe to be his character … ‘flaws’, you should know […]