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Barack praises wife Michelle’s closing argument “This is as powerful an argument as I’ve heard about the stakes of this election”

Tuesday, former President Barack Obama praised his wife Michelle after she released an over 20 minute long “closing argument” to vote for Joe Biden that included scathing critique of President Trump. Barack wrote “This is as powerful an argument as I’ve heard about the stakes of this election.” “Watch it. Share it. And get everyone […]

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Michelle Obama: Here’s How Barack And I Plan To Stay Involved In Politics ‘Forever’

In an interview with the Today show’s Jenna Bush Hager, former First Lady Michelle Obama said she and her husband Barack have one way in which they plan to be involved in politics “forever.” The conversation, conducted in Vietnam where the two women are promoting girls’ education, began with Mrs. Obama revealing that she and […]

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Susan Rice Claims Trump Is ‘Threatened by Barack Obama’s ‘Decency and Family Values’

Susan Rice went on Don Lemon’s CNN show last night and made some astounding claims to try to defend the many failures of Barack Obama’s administration. Responding to a softball question from Lemon, Rice actually said Trump was threatened by Obama’s decency, unity, and family values. Rice said, “They were not focused on the reality […]

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Douglas MacKinnon Suggests Possibility of Hillary-Barack Obama ticket to replace Biden

In a new Op-Ed for TheHill, Douglas McKinnon suggests the possibility of a Hillary Clinton – Barack Obama ticket to replace Joe Biden. As wild as the purely speculative suggestion is, Hillary Clinton is currently the 2nd most likely to be the Democratic presidential nominee according to the betting markets of PredictIt. MacKinnon also believes […]

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AG Barr Goes After Barack Obama – Claims He Met With “The Bad Guys” About Election Meddling

Barr the Bulldog strikes again! I don’t know about you, but I think Attorney General William Barr is doing a great job. He’s proving to be a fantastic ally for President Donald Trump, and he’s never afraid to speak the truth… …even if that means going after the left’s favorite politician: former President Barack Obama. During an […]

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Barack To Be The Supreme Court Justice & Michelle VP If Creepy Joe Biden Elected? Biden Answers “Hell Yes” To Appointing Obama To SC, ‘Jokes’ About Michelle Being His VP

Former Vice President under Barack Obama, turned presidential hopeful, Joe Biden made an appearance on Thursday evening on “Late Night with Stephen Colbert.” During the segment, Biden spoke about appointing Barack Obama to the Supreme Court, but it didn’t end there. Biden and Colbert discussed the matter, with Biden insisting that if he won the […]