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Race Baiting ‘Reverend’ Al Sharpton Hypocritically Attacks Trump Over The Bible At Floyd Funeral, “We Cannot Use Bibles As Props”

Today at the highly politicized funeral of George Floyd fake Reverend Al Sharpton hypocritically attacked President Trump over his use of the Bible when he spoke in front of the burnt Saint Johns Church in Washington D.C. a couple of days ago. “Let me ask those of you that in the traditions of eulogies need […]

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WATCH: Al Gore Says Trump “has failed as President” warns “I think we’re in grave danger”

While appearing on CNN with Anderson Cooper and Sanjay Gupta, former Vice President Al Gore warned “I think we’re in grave danger” and says Trump “has failed as President, particularly on this challenge. The warnings were ignored.” Al Gore: I have to tell you both: I think that we are seeing the start of a […]

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Satellite Images Show Destruction at Al Asad After Iran Missile Attack

After a tense night Tuesday as Iranian missiles flew toward Iraqi bases housing Iraqi and U.S. troops, Wednesday morning brought largely good news: There were no human casualties; Iran appeared to have concluded its assault; base damage was described as “minimal.” But Pentagon officials have yet to release a full accounting of equipment and infrastructure […]