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Jen Psaki Argues With Peter Doocy That No Americans Are ‘Stranded’ in Afghanistan

White House press secretary Jen Psaki returned to action today with a press briefing where she argued with Fox News’ Peter Doocy that no Americans were “stranded” in Afghanistan. Doocy asked Psaki, “Does the president have a sense that most of the criticism is not of leaving Afghanistan, it’s the way that he has ordered it to […]

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[VIDEO] Afghanistan Interpreter Whose Fingers Were Chopped Off By Taliban Asks Biden “Why Did You Leave Us Behind?”

An Afgan interpreter by the nake of Saver Nasseri appeared on Eric Boling’s Newsmax show, where he pleased with Joe Biden for help. The interpreter, who had 5 of his fingers chopped off by the Taliban, sent a message to Biden, asking him, “Why have you forgotten us? Why did you leave us behind?” And […]

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ISIS Terror Attacks Now Reported to Be Threat to Americans Stranded in Afghanistan, According to New Intel Reports

ISIS affiliates are reportedly mobilizing to conduct terror attacks on Americans that are stranded in Afghanistan and seeking evacuation. The terrorist group was all-but-vanquished in the Middle East under the previous administration, but is reportedly seeking to take advantage of the chaos in Afghanistan to strike back against the United States. Fox News Foreign Correspondent […]

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Biden to Draft Airlines to Assist in Evacuating Refugees From Afghanistan

Amid the disastrous withdrawal of US troops from Afghanistan and difficulty in evacuating civilians from Kabul airport, President Joe Biden is reportedly planning on forcing US airline companies to lend a helping hand with the transportation of tens of thousands of refugees out of Afghanistan as he struggles to navigate the humanitarian crisis. “The White […]

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Taliban Seized 75,000 Vehicles, 600,000 Weapons and 200 Aircraft in Afghanistan – Left By Biden

After the latest calculations and updates, we can only say one thing – the situation is even worse than estimated! This Saturday, Fox News reported that the scope of the crisis is the fact that the Taliban now control somewhere around 75,000 vehicles, 200 aircraft, 600,000 weapons, and $85 billion in funding. NEW: Pro-TB sources […]

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ANOTHER CATASTROPHE! THIS IS NOW OUT OF CONTROL! — HUGE BREAKING NEWS: Americans Told Not To Travel To Kabul Airport As Situation Deteriorates — More Than 10,000 Americans Are Still Trapped In Afghanistan

On Friday China Joe lied to the entire American nation… “We have no indication that they haven’t been able to get in Kabul through the airport. We made an agreement with the Taliban,” Biden lied. “So far they’ve allowed them to go through,” he added. The very next day, on Saturday, the illegitimate Biden administration […]

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Trump Turns The Tables On Biden – In American History, Donald Claims Joe’s Pullout In Afghanistan Is The Worst

What’s Happening: Americans continue to express outrage over Biden’s failure in Afghanistan. Thanks to his poorly executed withdrawal, our enemy the Taliban has taken over the country. Biden tried to defend his decision last night, causing only more problems. Today, he is back vacationing, practically ignoring the crisis. That’s not good enough for the 45th president. […]

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Marjorie Taylor Greene Preparing Articles of Impeachment For Biden After Afghanistan Disaster

Freshman Republican Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene (GA) is drafting articles of impeachment for Joe Biden following the Taliban’s swift takeover of Afghanistan. Rep. Greene tweeted out the following article. Greene said, “I have my team right now working on articles of impeachment. Because I’m so disgusted with Joe Biden. You know I’ve already filed one […]

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‘You Will Not Pin This Sh*t on Me!’ Kamala Harris Chose To Hide As Afghanistan Collapsed

As Afghanistan has collapsed and been taken over by the Taliban, Kamala Harris is reportedly refusing to accept any responsibility. A source reportedly told Kyle Becker at Becker News that Harris refused to be part of addressing the American people on Sunday after the terrorist group took over Kubal, the capital of Afghanistan. Becker reports that a […]