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Sharpton Calls for Trump Tax Fraud Investigation

The reverend Al Sharpton is no stranger to problems with the IRS.  His well-publicized difficulties with payments in the past have always thrown a shroud over his reputation, painting him as a tax cheat in the eyes of many conservatives.  But now, thanks to recent revelations of similar criminal activity by President Trump himself, the boisterous civil rights activist is speaking out, calling for equal justice.

The recent acquisitions of Trump’s tax records by investigative journalists at the New York Times have shown devastating and shameful fraudulent activity by the President, including non-payment of owed funds over ten years, possibly leading to prosecution and a very real future of foreclosure.  Sharpton says that due to Trump’s position as commander-in-chief, that situation translates as a threat to national security and demands an impeachment-like investigation as soon as possible.

“All of us, every citizen, must pay taxes.  It’s our patriotic duty to help our country continue to be one of the strongest and most well-protected in the world.  The military doesn’t run on green stamps, folks.  And to think that Trump conned his way, like he has for his entire life, into defrauding America, year after year?  It makes me sick.  And I’ve had a history with the taxman, Lord yes, I have.  But I made my amends.  Now I want what every good and honest citizen of this country wants. Payback.  We can always sell that Florida resort of his to Disneyland.  They can make a whole racist park out of it if they want to.  ‘Trump’s Caucasia’.  How about that?

United States tax attorney Sandra Batt agreed with the street preacher, demanding that federal agents seize whatever funds the bankrupt professional lifelong shyster has left until his entire debt is properly investigated and paid.  She noted that for the past eight years, the President filled out forms claiming to be : “An independent master pimp.”

Does Sharpton have a point, or is this all just a hit job orchestrated by the Democrats?  A lot of Americans are getting pretty tired with the “fake news” fake excuses, Mr. Trump.