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Reporter Asks Kayleigh McEnany If She Plans To Lie To Media On Her First Day Briefing Press From WH

New White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany shut down the media’s rude questions with a great performance at her first briefing today.

She also took a few shots at Joe Biden and embarrassed the Dems over their treatment of Brett Kavanaugh.

But it was how she shut down one rude reporter, AP reporter Jill Colvin, who actually asked if she would “pledge to never to lie to us from the podium.”

“We are pleased that Joe Biden listened to President Trump’s advice and went on the record about the Tara Reade allegations 16 hours after the president said to do so,” she said.

“How General Flynn was treated by the FBI should scare every American.”

“Do you not consider it a miscarriage of justice when you have the FBI writing ‘we want to get someone to lie?’ I’ve seen a whole lot of scant information about Michael Flynn when there was a whole lot of speculation about Russia Russia Russia”

She also announced the Trump administration will distribute $12B in provider relief fund payments to 395 hospitals hardest hit by the #Coronavirus

“Not a single American died from lack of a ventilator,” she said about the Trump admin’s response to the crisis.

“I think it was a grave miscarriage of justice what happened with Justice Brett Kavanaugh,” she said before adding the dagger:

“That was an embarrassment for the Democratic Party.”