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President Trump Sideswipes Iranian Minister – He’s Seething After Donald Denies Him A Visa To Complain To United Nations

Iran is in a tailspin since Donald Trump took down their terrible general.

They’ve tried to “strike back,” but it’s been pretty weak. Iran has made a lot of threats—the only thing they know how to do.

But, so far, they’ve lost more people from a funeral stampede than to Trump’s missile attack.

Now, they wanted to send a man to the U.N. and complain. They think they can turn the world against us after we took out one of the most despised men in the world.

But Trump’s not about to let that happen.

From Fox News:

Iranian Foreign Minister Javad Zarif fumed Tuesday over the reported U.S. decision to deny him a visa to address the United Nations in New York later this week, amid escalating tensions between the two countries after the killing of Iranian General Qassem Soleimani.

“They fear that someone comes to the U.S. and reveals realities,” Zarif told The Associated Press. “The world is not limited to New York, and you can talk to the American people from Tehran, and we will do that.”

Aw, boo-hoo! Iran’s foreign minister has been denied entry into the United States!

Zarif was planning on going to the U.N. to whine about how we preemptively took action to stop more of their damage in the Middle East.

Oddly enough, there are some nations in the U.N. that sympathize with Iran and actually condemn peaceful nations like Israel.

Once again proving how useless the United Nations has become!

Zarif wanted to get the U.N. to condemn the United States over Trump’s actions. A pretty bold move, considering the U.N. meets in our country and would be bankrupt if it weren’t for our contributions.

Iran is a rogue state, and their General, Soleimani, was a major enemy to multiple nations.

But we’re the bad guys? Nice try, Zarif. Trump denied his visa, so he’s saying he’ll “talk to the American people from Tehran.”

Yeah, we’re all ears, Zarif. Good luck trying to win over Americans from the center of oppression and persecution.

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