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Pelosi Will Not Pass Small Business Stimulus Without $10 Billion Aid to Venezuela

We’ve been through this once already. Before passing the stimulus for regular citizens, Nancy Pelosi stalled and added all sorts of pork to the bill that were more about her interests than those of the people. Now she’s at it again.

Congress is trying desperately to push through a stimulus bill to aid small businesses from coast to coast. What should be a simple process, has become a massive headache and it is due to the depraved antics of the Speaker of the House.

In addition to more abortion funding and an end to the Space Force, Pelosi and the Democrats are also demanding an addition to the bill that wouldn’t even stay in this country. They want $10 trillion of our aid money to be distributed among the citizens of Venezuela. Yes, you heard that right.

This latest addition was apparently the brainchild of communist Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. She desperately attempted to explain herself this morning:

“Venezuelans were already devastated before all this began. Imagine what they’re going through now. They need help and we are in a position to give it to them, so give it to them we will, or else small business in America will suffer. So if this doesn’t go through, you’ll know who to blame, America. It will be entirely on the shoulders of the Republicans. All they have to do is sign the bill and you’ll get your money. If they don’t, make sure you remember that at the polls.”

Of course, the Republicans won’t pass that. It is absolutely insane and ridiculous. That money is for Americans only. Not only illegal aliens, not for Venezuelans. Just for us. America first.