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Omar Responds to Trump’s Attack, Says POTUS ‘Is A White Supremacist’

Minnesota Democratic Rep. Ilhan Omar is no stranger to controversy and she just proved that once again.

During an interview Thursday on MSNBC, Omar was asked about President Donald Trump going after her this week during a rally in her home state of Minnesota.

The president also noted the viral videos from Project Veritas, an investigative reporting project that uses undercover journalists, that claimed Omar’s supporters in Minneapolis were illegally collecting blank ballots and bragging about it on social media.

Omar went off the deep end with her response.

“I mean, this man is a white supremacist, so it’s no surprise that he has ideas or feelings that Somalis are worthless,” Omar said, smearing the president.

“Not only are Minnesotans welcoming of refugees, but they have also sent one to Washington to represent them,” she added, referring to herself. “We are very clear that in Minnesota we are greater than hate. That is why he didn’t win Minnesota in 2016, and why he’s not going to win Minnesota in 2020.”

Omar went on to say that she resents anyone who says Trump is not racist or a white supremacist.

“For the last four years and in his history, this president has told us who he is and we can no longer turn a blind eye to that,” she said. “He’s destroying our country and we have to make sure we defeat him.”


Omar enjoys making highly controversial comments like this.

In a section of her new book, she seems proud of the things that she does and says.

In her new autobiography, “This Is What America Looks Like,” Omar writes:

“I am, by nature, a starter of fires. My work has been to figure out where I’m going to burn down everything around me by adding the fuel of my religion, skin color, gender or even tone.”

While speaking with the New York Times, Omar was asked: “Couldn’t that kind of language be interpreted as a form of demagoguery? Why is it helpful to express yourself in those terms rather than, say, in terms of building things up?”

Omar’s response was very telling.

“It’s metaphorical. There are many times when people will say, ‘Something you said has agitated this space.’ And it’s like, no, it’s me just showing up that did it,” Omar began.

“There are times when I will choose to not show up because I know that my presence brings about the intensity that isn’t going to be helpful,” she said.

She added: “There’s no one else that exists in a space where they have to deal with the hate of anti-Muslim, anti-immigrant, anti-Blackness, but also with sexism.”

“People will say it’s my ‘tone.’ I’m like, you’re agitated by my tone because you think people like me should be sitting in a corner, not heard and not seen. Everything that comes out of my mouth is going to be filtered through the lens of you despising my existence,” she added.

“That’s the metaphorical adding-of-fire. That was a thing in the primary campaign,” Omar said.