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Obamas Announce June 6th Virtual Commencement Address For Class Of 2020

Many may not have noticed or made much of it, but former President Barack Obama and former First Lady Michelle Obama are slowly creeping back into the political spotlight.

These tiny moves, albeit some aren’t political, seem to show a pattern that they will play a big role between now and the Nov. 3 presidential election.

The Obamas both took to Twitter on Tuesday and confirmed rumors from earlier this year that they are among the panel of speakers who will deliver a virtual commencement address in early June as part of a virtual graduation ceremony.

“I’ve always loved joining commencements––the culmination of years of hard work and sacrifice. Even if we can’t get together in person this year, Michelle and I are excited to celebrate the nationwide Class of 2020 and recognize this milestone with you and your loved ones,” he wrote.

Obama tweeted minutes later, saying, “I know how hard the #Classof2020 has worked to make it to graduation, so @BarackObama and I want to give you the celebration you deserve. That’s why @ReachHigher and I are teaming up with @Youtube to host a virtual graduation on June 6!”

Barack Obama also linked to a page for commencement on May 16, which is being hosted by the LeBron James Family Foundation and the Entertainment Industry Foundation.

The Los Angeles Lakers superstar wrote on Twitter, “Class of 2020, I told you guys we are working on something special and we have an incredible update…THE GOAT [Barack Obama]!!! You all worked so hard the past four years and deserve the best commencement we can bring to you and your family.”

This may not seem like a big deal or something most even care about, but it’s another event where the Obamas will be in the spotlight — which they have largely remained out of since the 2016 election.

Michelle Obama’s new Netflix documentary, Becoming, has just been released.

In it, she talks about speculation that she should run for president and actually ripped “our folks” for not getting out to vote for Hillary Clinton during the 2016 presidential election.

This week, the “Committee to Draft Michelle Obama for VP” announced they are working to build “substantial grassroots support for a potential Michelle Obama candidacy and help garner media attention for a vice-presidential nominee who has the power to beat Donald Trump.”

Last month, President Obama finally came forward and endorsed Joe Biden’s presidential campaign.

Biden will now need to pick a running mate and stunned a lot of people in late April when he mentioned Michelle Obama.

During an interview with CBS Pittsburgh, Biden said he would undoubtedly select Michelle Obama to be his running mate, though he admitted she likely does not want to jump back into politics anytime soon.

“I’d take her in a heartbeat,” Biden said when asked if he would add Obama to the ticket. “She’s brilliant. She knows the way around. She is a really fine woman. The Obamas are great friends.”

However, he said he doubts she wants the job — but who knows at this point.

All of these tiny little moves seem to show that the Obamas are gearing up to play a big role in the 2020 election in their efforts to defeat President Donald Trump.