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Obama White House Visitor Arrested – Marines Caught Him And His Buddies At The Iranian Protest of U.S. Embassy

All eyes are on the Middle East this week, but they didn’t expect Obama would get caught up in it.
It all started with an Iranian-back protest against the U.S. embassy in Iraq.

“Experts” predicted it would become another Benghazi. Instead, President Trump acted decisively, ending the siege in just two days.
He proceeded to bring some much-needed justice to Iran in the form of a drone strike. The strike took out a top Iranian military leader, a man responsible for untold amounts of terrorism.

We all know how Obama played a role in empowering Iran. He made a terrible nuclear deal and sent them pallets of cash. Many believe this money helped bankroll Iran’s missile program.

But things are getting worse for the former president.

We’ve just arrested a man who led the protest, who was linked to Obama himself.
From Twitter:

New reports that US Marines have arrested Qais al-Khazali and Hadi al-Ameri.

Hadi al-Ameri visited the Obama White House in 2011 and recently led a ln assault on US Embassy Baghdad with Hezbollah.
We talked recently about Amiri, how this Iranian-connected Iraqi once visited the White House.

This man also helped organize the assault on our embassy. He led the protest that involved fire-bombing our headquarters.

Clearly, this man was no friend to the United States. He supported the Iranian military and continued to work against our country.

Here’s more reporting on their arrest:

And he was part of a group that visited the White House during Obama’s presidency. You have to wonder why they allowed this man into the country, let alone the White House. His ties to Iran go back many years. At the very least, the Secret Service should have said no.

Now, he has been arrested for what he did to our embassy. Hopefully, he will face swift justice. But we still have a few more questions for him and Obama.

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