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Nicole Kidman Says: Trump Is The Best President In U.S History, We Must Respect Him

While in the weeks since the race, a ton of Hollywood has spent its political capital pouncing President-elect Donald Trump and stooping over dynamic President Barack Obama, on-screen character Nicole Kidman has taken on a replacement — and totally unexpected — tack.

In the midst of a gathering with BBC News this week, the “Lion” star, who saw she is trying to abstain from advancing political articulations, said it’s essentially time to keep moving forward and get on load.

“I’m basically saying he’s picked as of now,” Kidman, an Australian neighborhood with double U.S. citizenship, told BBC.     “We as a country need to help whosever the president since that is what the country relies upon. Moreover, anyway, that occurred, he’s there and we ought to go.” 

Instead of saying something about an obvious challenger, as its neighbors in Tinseltown are likely to do, the Establishment Esteem victor said she thinks far more about particular things, not obvious individuals.

“I’m usually hesitant to begin speaking politically. I’ve never done it to the point that it’s America or Australia. I’m focused on problems,” Kidman said. “[F]ew, I’m committed to women’s problems to a great extent.” Kidman is likewise a symbolic liberality for Joined Nations People. “I’m finishing a lot of fund-raising for U.N. Women, and I’m finishing a large share of going to them,” she told the news outlet.   

“I moreover total a colossal proportion of fund-raising for chest and ovarian malady, since that is something that is affected my family significantly,” she continued. “So they’re the issues that I’m greatly attached to.” 

Concerning Australian authoritative issues, her country of cause has been ensnared in a battle about legitimizing gay marriage. In the midst of the sit-down with BBC, Kidman said she supports the approval of gay marriage in her country of source, telling the reporter, “I trust in allowing people who treasure each other to share their lives together.” 

“I really believe that we ought to stay out of people’s business with that,” she included. “I venerate when people treasure one another.”