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Newly revealed texts show Peter Strzok and Lisa Page altered Flynn’s interview notes

After the interview of Michael Flynn in early January of 2017, the lead agent on the case (dubbed RAZOR) was convinced that Flynn had done nothing wrong and after writing a 302 (his notes on the interview), he was about to close the case against Flynn.

That is until Peter Strzok intervened and altered the 302…

NEWSMAX – According to the source, as supported by text messages also obtained by Newsmax, Stzrok, who also participated in the Flynn interview, rewrote the 302 extensively — although a text message from him stated he tried not to “completely re-write it so as to save [redacted] voice,” presumably a reference to the lead agent who originally wrote it.

Stzrok then shared the document with a “pissed off” Page, who had not participated in the interview, and who revised it significantly again, according to the Newsmax source.

The objective of the interview was to probe whether Flynn had violated the Logan Act, an 18th-century statute that has never been used in any criminal conviction. The Act makes it a crime for a U.S. citizens to interfere with the conduct of U.S. foreign policy. Many legal scholars find the law to be unconstitutional.

The documents received by Newsmax indicate the case had virtually been closed – suggesting the lead agent was satisfied no crime had been committed — prior to it being reopened by the direct intervention of Strzok and Page.

The documents, for example, show the probe of Flynn was about to be put to bed when the lead agent received a text from Strzok stating, “Hey, if you haven’t closed [the case], don’t do so yet.”

Apparently, Page was pleasantly surprised to find the matter had not yet been closed.

On Feb. 10, 2017, Page texted Strzok, “This document pisses me off. You didn’t even attempt to make this cogent and readable? This is lazy work on your part.”

Strzok replied, “Lisa you didn’t see it before my edits that went into what I sent you. I was 1) trying to completely re-write the thing so as to save [the lead agent’s] voice and 2) get it out to you for general review and comment in anticipation of needing it soon.”

So in a nutshell, the case against Flynn was about to be closed because he’d done nothing wrong. But Peter Strzok kept it open and then both he and Lisa Page rewrote the 302 to make it seem like Flynn had lied so they could get him on the Logan Act. Amazing.

This new revelation leads me to believe that the FBI agent who interviewed Flynn didn’t actually entrap him as the earlier revelation suggested. It was only after the fact that Strzok and Page manufactured evidence against Flynn to keep the case open.

Not only should Flynn be completely exonerated, as the president suggested yesterday, but Durham’s investigation better see both Strzok and Page behind bars for a while if all of this is truly as it seems.