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New Polling Shows Shift of Seniors Away from Trump to Biden

According to a new report from the DailyCaller, new polling shows a trend of Seniors away from Trump to Biden.

The report states that Trump’s 2016 victories came in the 3 key swing states fo Wisconsin, Michigan and Pennsylvania in part by winning the 65+ vote. Trump won the 65+ vote by 1 in Wisconsin, by 4 in Michigan and by 10 in Pennsylvania.

However, 3 new polls shows a troubling trend for Trump’s popularity with Seniors.

Biden leads Trump among seniors by 20 points in Wisconsin in a new NBC poll.

Biden leads Trump among seniors by 30 points in Michigan in a Detroit News poll.

Biden leads Trump among seniors by 11 in a Pennsylvania NY Times poll.

Citing the Michigan poll, Sahil Kapur wrote “this is a five-alarm fire for the president’s campaign, if true.”