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New CNN Poll has Biden Doubling Lead Over Trump to 16

A new CNN poll has Joe Biden leading President Trump nationally by a whopping margin of 16 points.

Among likely voters 57% say they support Biden compared to only 41% who support Trump.

The new poll was conducted entirely after the first debate.

The last CNN poll, conducted in late August had Biden leading by 8, which means Biden has doubled his lead since then.

Ella Nilson tweeted “The usual polling caveats apply, but Biden’s double-digit leads in these CNN and NBC/WSJ polls are powered in part by Trump’s decline with senior voters. Biden leads Trump with seniors by 27 points in the NBC poll, and by 22 points in the CNN poll.”

She added “The reason seniors are leaving Trump aren’t as clear-cut as his handling of Covid. Older voters have seen their fair share of presidents, and Trump’s chaotic & unconventional presidency doesn’t seem to be doing him many favors with the group.”