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Nancy Pelosi Humiliated In California As GOP Wins Special Election and Takes Back House Seat From Dems On Home Turf

Republican Mike Garcia just shocked the world and humiliated Nancy Pelosi on her home turf.

He just won a special election in California for the House seat held by Dem Katie Hill. For the GOP to take back this seat, in California with all that is going is a terrible sign for Pelosi.

They will spin this loss but they cannot afford to lose a lot of these swing districts or even GOP districts they stole in 2018. Moreover, Pelosi’s performance of late is pissing off her liberal base.

They think she gave a gift to Wall Street in the stimulus bills and they have a point – Pelosi has been promising the left she will get what they want in the next bill, etc. She is running out of time and the left may be running out of patience with her iron-fisted rule.

either way Trump and the GOP win.

Trump said: “Big Congressional win in California for Mike Garcia, taking back a seat from the Democrats. This is the first time in many years that a California Dem seat has flipped back to a Republican. Also, Tom Tiffany beat his Democrat rival BIG in Wisconsin. Two great Congressional WINS!”

From Breitbart:

President Donald Trump celebrated Wednesday after Republican victories overnight in special elections in California and Wisconsin.

“Big Congressional win in California for Mike Garcia, taking back a seat from the Democrats,” Trump wrote. “This is the first time in many years that a California Dem seat has flipped back to a Republican.”

Garcia defeated Democrat candidate Christy Smith by 12 points in the special election for the seat previously held by Democrat Rep. Katie Hill who resigned in disgrace in October 2019.

In Wisconsin, Republican Tom Tiffany easily beat Democrat Tricia Zunker by 15 points for the seat vacated by Rep. Sean Duffy (R-WI).

“Tom Tiffany beat his Democrat rival BIG in Wisconsin,” Trump wrote. “Two great Congressional WINS!”

Trump endorsed both candidates.

From Breitbart:

“I’m extremely humbled by this turnout and proud of the results so far and look forward to hopefully declaring victory very soon and getting to work in Washington, DC, for this beautiful 25th congressional district in California,” Garcia said in the 40-minute call with the California GOP insiders.

Gallegly used the word “landslide” to describe Garcia’s likely win, and Wilson predicted a victory as well. McKeon described the beginning of a broader effort by Republicans to find their way back into office in California, a state the Democrats have dominated for many years recently, suggesting this is the beginning of something bigger.

With 76 percent reporting according to the New York Times, Garcia held a commanding nearly 12-point lead over Democrat Christy Smith in the special election.

Assuming that late-reporting votes do not change the overall result, an outcome that seems unlikely at this stage but not yet final or certain given the peculiar nature of California’s mail-in voting system, this would be the first time that a Republican has taken back a congressional seat lost to Democrats in 22 years in California.

Republicans had held this seat for many years, but in 2016, Democrat Hillary Rodham Clinton won the district by several percentage points over President Donald Trump.

While former Rep. Steve Knight (R-CA) held the seat that year despite Clinton’s strong performance in the district, Knight ended up losing in 2018 in the midterm elections to now-former Rep. Katie Hill (D-CA). Hill, whose sex scandals involving staffers caught national attention, was forced to resign, setting up this special election in which Garcia appears to be the likely winner.