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Mitt Romney Turns On President Trump Again – Joins Democrats To Warn Donald Not To Interfere With Oversight

Utah Senator Mitt Romney, our “favorite RINO” (Republican in name only) just made headlines after teaming up with a Democrat again.

It’s clear that Mitt Romney is finished and has already been put to pasture by the rest of the Republicans. So it seems he’s trying to get involved in whatever he can – as long as it involves criticising Trump.

This latest move is absolutely no different. Check out what he just sent to the President.

From DeseretNews:

With trillions of taxpayer dollars being spent, it is critically important for the administration to ensure full transparency and willingness for independent oversight

Did you catch that?

Romney and Democrat Jon Tester sent a letter to President Donald Trump essentially saying: please do a good job. How amazingly helpful you are Mitt! (sarcasm)

He reminds me of the annoying person standing over your shoulder while you are carefully working as they say “Don’t mess up!”

They go on in the letter to explain that Trump is supposed to appoint someone to a new position for Special Inspector General.

Thank you Captain Obvious! I’m still confused as to why Romney thinks Trump wouldn’t already know this given that The President signed the bill personally!

Just another example of Democrats (and RINOs) treating Trump like he’s a child, when really he is smarter than all of them.

I can remember a time when Senators did work that benefited the people they represent. Remember that?

We need to go back to when politicians worked for the people, and not just to satisfy their own self-interests. Trump is perfectly capable of navigating us through this storm and he sure doesn’t need pests like Romney buzzing in his ear the whole time.

Go do some actual work Romney.

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