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Mitch McConnell to Impeach Rashida Tlaib for Calling Trump a M*****f*****

Patriots who are paying attention know that a few days ago Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi punished Representative Ted Yoho for calling Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez a f****** b****.

Not to be outdone by his socialist colleague in the House, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell is revving up to get rid of Representative Rashida Tlaib for calling our dear leader, impeached President Donald Trump, a m*****f*****.

Yes, patriots, way back in January 2019, on the day she was sworn into office, Tlaib said that Congress would impeach the m*****f*****. Hey, guess what? She was right!

But please, have a good think about Mitch McConnell issuing articles of impeachment for Tlaib for just a minute before your anti-American juices start flowing.

If you think it is even remotely possible that the Senate Majority Leader could impeach a member of the House of Representatives, let me stop laughing and mocking you for a few moments to explain some very basic facts about why this premise is complete nonsense.

The Senate has no say over the workings of the House. Duh.
Even if it did, there is no mechanism in the Constitution for impeaching a member of Congress. Duh.
Trump IS a m*****f*****. DUH.
That last one is just for fun.
Taters across the country have been clamoring for Rashida Tlaib’s deportation “back to where she came from” for years. No matter how many times they’re told that she was born in Detroit, Michigan, they insist that she’s not an American.

That’s not racist or anything.

Congressional scholar Sandy Batt commented,

“It’s almost like having a foreign-sounding name, being of Palestinian descent, and being a Muslim makes a person the target of disgusting bigotry and hatred.”

And with each share of this story, the taters will prove how little they know about our country, how gullible they are, and how much they really hate the ideals enshrined in our Constitution. Sad, isn’t it?