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Mel Gibson:’The Only Reason Liberals Hate Trump Is They Hate God’

Mel Gibson is a devout Christian who has made great changes in his life. Once a reckless alcoholic who lived for fame and fortune through action-packed, violent Hollywood movies, he has now given it all up and turned to God.

These days he directs films, but not like the blockbusters he once starred in. Instead, his cinema is focussed on biblical stories that few go to see. But he persists in making them through private financing, as Hollywood has no interest in the genre. He spreads The Word through moving pictures.

Coming from the movie scene, he’s familiar with the mindset of liberalism and so he has his own thoughts on why the socialists hate President Trump so much.

“Liberals absolutely hate this president. It makes no sense considering all the good he’s done and all he has planned. Why would an American hate this man who is doing everything that’s needed to finally fix America?

It’s actually quite simple. They have no moral code. And the reason for that is also simple. It’s because they hate God. Everybody thinks they’re atheists but that’s not true. They just hate the Creator and they spit on all who serve him.

So when Trump comes along on his holy mission, their reaction – their instinct – is to fight him. It’s a base instinct that is almost animal.”

Mel Gibson is one of the few celebrities who gets it. We should all celebrate and support this man.