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Mary Trump claims her uncle is a “white supremacist” and gave the Proud Boys “an order”

Appearing on “The Dean Obeidallah Show” Donald Trump’s niece Mary Trump accused her uncle of being a “white supremacist,” claiming he will not denounce them because he would have to denounce himself if he did.

Mary said  “First of all, he’s a white supremacist. So he would have to denounce himself, which will never happen.”

She continued “Secondly, denouncing white supremacy doesn’t get him anywhere with his base, and that’s the only people he’s talking to anymore.”

Mary, who is a clinical psychologist and author of an Anti-Trump “tell all” book also claimed President Trump was giving “an order” to the Proud Boys.

“It wasn’t a shoutout,”  she told Dean “It was an order, and we need to see it in those terms and we should be terrified by that.”