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Kellyanne Conway Accuses Biden Of Shameless Misquote – “You Lied. And Don’t Sniff My Hair, Either”

The first presidential debate was hot and fiery, as both candidates continued to take shots at one another. Moderator Chris Wallace tried to keep the peace but often failed to do so.

Furthermore, fact-checkers have been trying to sort through the barrage of strong claims on both sides. Both President Donald Trump and Joe Biden did make some highly charged statements, after all.

But former White House counselor Kellyanne Conway wants to remind Biden that he “lied” about something important:

During a Fox News interview with Conway in August, she addressed the ongoing unrest and rioting that plagued the nation.

She said that the more anarchy and violence reigns, the more America will realize which candidate is best for public safety.

But Biden misrepresented her words during a later MSNBC interview, where he claimed Conway said the rioting was “better for us:”

I have a quote here from Kellyanne Conway, she said, ‘the more chaos and anarchy and vandalism and violence reigns, it equals, it’s better for us, it’s very clear choice it presents for us.’

And last night during the debate, he again referred (albeit indirectly) to these remarks.

The Democratic presidential hopeful didn’t mention the “better for us” portion, but accused Trump of trying to incite chaos and violence. Supposedly, this would help him get reelected.

In response, Conway called out Biden on Twitter.

She again said Biden “lied” about her previous remarks and added another jab:

Conway, who resigned this year in order to spend more time with her family, hasn’t completely bowed out of the political limelight.

She has defended the President several times since resigning but in this case, she’s essentially defending herself. She says Biden completely misquoted her remarks, or at least took them well out of context.