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President Trump was discharged earlier from the Walter Reed Medical Center and made the trip back to the White House where he saluted Marine 1 from the balcony upon his arrival.

Kayleigh McEnany tweeted out after that “Our President, Trump, contracted COVID-19 & is doing extraordinarily well, standing on the balcony days after his diagnosis. He is LEADING and REASSURING the nation. Leave it to CNN to shamefully spin this into a negative. Each day their lows become lower!”

Video from CNN showing the balcony appearance was shared on Twitter and it shows the anchors taking a very negative tone of the president and his decision to take his mask off.

In an additional tweet, they share an article with the caption: “As the President arrived at the White House, he immediately pulled off his mask for a photo op, once again recklessly downplaying his illness.”

Prior to that, when the president left the Medical Center, CNN tweeted out the video, with the caption: “President Trump leaves Walter Reed Medical Center to return to the White House, where he has access to constant medical care, after recklessly downplaying Covid-19.”

Before he left, Trump tweeted out, “Will be back on the Campaign Trail soon!!! The Fake News only shows the Fake Polls.”

A poll released yesterday indicated that he was trailing Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden by 14 points, the same margin that he was claimed to have been behind Hillary Clinton multiple times in 2016.

McEnany herself has tested positive for the Coronavirus but appears to asymptomatic. Reporters were upset after she didn’t wear a mask during a recent press briefing.