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The same radical leftist who held up a fake severed head of President Trump’s is now mocking him and Melania after their tragic diagnosis of Covid-19. It was recently announced that Hope Hicks had been tested positive for the Coronavirus after showing symptoms so President Trump and Melania were tested as a precaution and apparently they have it as well, according to a recent Trump tweet. Griffin, never one to let a good tragedy go to waste, immediately retweeted Trump, saying:

“I’d like to volunteer to be your caregiver. I’m a patriot.”

We can only assume that if Griffin was actually the president’s caregiver, she would not be in it to help. So she was either kidding, or the secret service may need to check into this. Regardless, Griffin’s nasty jab has been taken by many liberal twitter users as hilarious, and many leftists across social media have mocked and celebrated the sad news that the U.S. president is being quarantined.

President Trump and Melania are presumed to be otherwise healthy and although Donald is in his 70s, it is hopeful that they will both make a full recovery, despite the nastiness coming from some vile folks on the left. This comes just a few weeks from what could be the most heated presidential election in American history and there will certainly be more reaction from both sides in the coming days.

The Atlantic also recently released secretly recorded tapes of First Lady Melania, to try to tarnish her reputation, but it’s possible that at this point, that could backfire, as the immigrant First Lady recovers.

Previously we have also reported on Kathy Griffin calling Melania a B#$%% and saying F her, and sadly it appears this trend of nastiness will likely continue as even when faced with possible death, Griffin can’t show any mercy.