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Kamala Harris Cackles With Laughter Before Interrupting Reporter to Tell Her How High Priority Americans in Afghanistan Are

Vice President Kamala Harris has been on a trip to southeast Asia amid the situation in Afghanistan where Americans are still stranded.

When she was approached by reporters after disembarking her plane, one reporter attempted to ask her about the priority of their removal from the country.

In a video shared by RKOT, they explained her response: “Watch the moment US Vice President Kamala Harris laughs when a reporter asks her about Americans trapped in #Afghanistan amid Biden, Harris crisis.”

The Hill’s Joe Concha quote tweeted the video and deadpanned, “The instinct/reflex to laugh when asked about Afghanistan before gathering herself is quite… something.”

The New York Post first reported on the interaction:

The VP — heavily criticized for her delay in addressing the disaster that started after the US pulled out despite the Taliban’s resurgence — was already grinning widely when she approached reporters Friday.

A reporter attempted to ask about her “response on Americans” — but the VP cut her off before she could finish.

“Hold on, hold on — slow down, everybody!” Harris said, before letting out her now-notorious laugh, shaking her shoulders as she chuckled.

The VP finally controlled herself to insist that the Biden administration “couldn’t have a higher priority right now” than Afghanistan.

It remains to be seen if Americans are in fact the main priority for the administration, but there are reports that refugees from the country have arrived in America now.

Local news reported that hundreds of Afghan refugees on Friday spent the night at the Annandale campus of Northern Virginia Community College (NOVA) after fleeing Kabul.

On Saturday afternoon, the families reportedly gathered their few belongings and boarded busses for new destinations.