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Judge Makes BIG Discovery: 78% of Mail-In Ballots Fraudulent, Election Re-do Ordered

The “fiesta” with the election integrity fiasco continues. A Mississipi judge has just reported a suspect in serious fraudulent mail-in ballots malversation. This comes after another serious case of voter fraud was discovered in Texas and the judge was arrested.

WCBI reports that this discovery might even lead to re-election:

“In the sixty-four-page order, Judge Jeff Weill not only calls for a new election but also finds evidence of fraud and criminal activity, in how absentee ballots were handled, how votes were counted, and the actions by some at the polling place.”

The judge in this case reported a large number of absentee ballots were not valid says the report:

“In his ruling, the judge said that sixty-six of eighty-four absentee ballots cast in the June runoff were not valid and should never have been counted,” the report continued.

The officials will take action in this case because this kind of irregularity seriously concerns the voters. This chaos that appeared right after Biden’s inauguration only confirms and proves Donald Trump’s theory about orchestrated and organized voter fraud. If this is a practice in so many states and so many elections, the officials must do everything in their power to bring justice.

Another shocking thing about this case revealed by Judge Well is that he also reported voter intimidation:

“Judge Weill also said there was clear evidence of voter intimidation and harassment at the polling place on election day. State law says candidates and supporters must stay at least 150 feet away from the polling place. In his ruling, the judge said Holliday, along with Police Chief Henry Randle, and former Mayor Maurice Howard acted as if they were above the law, repeatedly violating criminal statutes.”- the report continues.

As we can conclude, in this case are involved many people which only proves the fact that individuals from the institutions might also be involved.

“Judge Weill found many irregularities with absentee ballots,” the report continues. “He issued a bench warrant for notary Dallas Jones, who notarized absentee ballots. During a hearing, Jones admitted violating notary duties.”

Also, attorneys explain that before stamping every envelope, the notary MUST witness the voter signing. Jones only stamped and notarized a bunch of ballots with, obviously, unknown origin. This way anybody can send ballots in envelopes and all they need is just a stamp. The human factor is crucial in this process and the consequences for such crime must be rigorous.