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Juanita Broaddrick Turns On Chris Wallace – Says It’s About Time Fox Sends Him Over To CNN

It’s no secret that many were upset with Chris Wallace’s performance.

Most fair-minded Americans agree that he appeared to show a bias against Trump, favoring Biden.

The Fox News host threw unfair questions at Trump.

But when Biden simply refused to answer many of Wallace’s questions, the moderator didn’t even bat an eye.

The debate turned out to be 2-on-1, with Trump have to battle both Biden and Wallace.

(Not the first time Trump had to do that.)

And Juanita Broaddrick may have said it best:

I think it’s time to send Chris Wallace to CNN. He has earned it.

Outspoken Trump supporter and Democrat critic Juanita Broaddrick nailed Wallace to the wall for his moderator performance.

She simply said he should leave Fox News and just go to CNN, already.

Saying, “He has earned it,” the woman exposed Wallace’s apparent liberal bias and dislike of Trump.

Apparently, Wallace is a registered Democrat. His grudge with Donald Trump is well-documented, as both men have thrown jabs at each other over the years.