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Joe Biden Vows to Make Abortion ‘Law of the Land’ if Elected

Democrat presidential nominee pledges to enshrine abortion rights in federal law

Joe Biden says he will make abortion ‘law of the land’ if the Supreme Court overturns Roe v. Wade

Democrat presidential nominee Joe Biden vowed during an NBC town hall event on Monday night that he would enshrine abortion rights in federal law if the Supreme Court overturns Roe v. Wade.

Biden, who claims to be Catholic and once considered himself a “pro-life Democrat,” was responding to a questioner’s concerns about the impact Judge Amy Coney Barrett’s confirmation to the SCOTUS will have on the survival of “reproductive rights.”

“Cassidy Brown said having birth control and reproductive health care enabled her to start a career before having a family,” The Associated Press reported on the exchange.

“She asked Biden about his plan if President Donald Trump’s Supreme Court nominee Judge Amy Coney Barrett overturned women’s reproductive rights.”

Biden responded that he would make Roe v. Wade the “law of the land.”

The landmark case cited by Biden made obtaining an abortion a Constitutional right.

“Number one, we don’t know exactly what [Barrett] will do, although the expectation is that she may very well move to overrule Roe, and what the only thing — the only responsible response to that would be to pass legislation making Roe the law of the land,” Biden said, according to The Daily Wire.

“That’s what I would do,” he declared.

It’s not clear how Biden would accomplish his mission.

Overturning Roe would likely dismiss the idea that access to abortion is a Constitutional right, making it nearly impossible to pass a law legalizing the practice without embroiling the federal government in endless litigation.

Biden, however, seems determined to find a way to ensure that “reproductive rights” remain on the books.

As The Daily Wire has noted previously, Biden, who was once a rare “pro-life Democrat,” has increasingly embraced a progressive view on abortion and, in a recent statement applauding the Supreme Court for striking down a Louisiana law requiring that doctors who perform abortions have admitting privileges at a local hospital, Biden noted that he endorses the practice of abortion “under any circumstance,” suggesting that he now supports even late-term abortion.

President Donald Trump fired back at the Democratic candidate Tuesday morning over the issue, calling Biden’s new position on the issue more extreme than progressive senator Elizabeth Warren’s (D-MA).

“Wow. Joe Biden just took a more Liberal position on Roe v. Wade than Elizabeth Warren at her highest,” Trump tweeted. 

“He also wants to PACK our great United States Supreme Court.

“This is what the Dems will do.

“Remember as they try changing positions before elections end.”

“Biden and Democrats just clarified the fact that they are fully in favor of (very) LATE TERM ABORTION, right up until the time of birth, and beyond — which would be execution,” Trump continued, referencing comments made by Virginia Governor Ralph Northam on the subject that appeared to endorse complete infanticide.

“The infant would be delivered,” Northam said, referencing a third-trimester abortion.

“The infant would be kept comfortable.

“The infant would be resuscitated if that’s what the mother and the family desired. And then a discussion would ensue between the physicians and the mother.”

Sister Dede Byrne has warned that ‘Catholic’ Biden and Kamala Harris make ‘the most anti-life presidential ticket ever’

In late August, a nun blasted Biden and his running mate Sen. Kamala Harris (D-CA), warning America that the pairing makes “the most anti-life presidential ticket ever.”

As Neon Nettle previously reported, Sister Dede Byrne, of the Little Workers of the Sacred Hearts of Jesus and Mary, slammed the Democratic Party’s nominees during a speech at the RNC’s Republican National Convention.

Byrne, a former military doctor-turned-nun, warned the American public that both former Vice President Biden and Sen. Harris support “the horrors of late-term abortion and infanticide.”

During her powerful address, Sister Byrne praised President Trump for his pro-life policies.