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Joe Biden Lectures Black Voter, Jabs His Finger Into His Chest While Talking Down To Him- For Asking Questions (VIDEOS)

Joe Biden is at it, yet again, putting his hands on people and talking down to them. The strange part is that he is not doing it to Trump supporters, he is doing it to would be voters.

I’m starting to think that Joe Biden fancies himself a modern day Lyndon Johnson. Johnson, who had a good fortune of taking over as President of The United States following John F Kennedy’s assassination, was known for trying to physically intimidate people he was talking to.

The following article on LBJ’s personality is an excerpt from Mel Ayton’s Hunting the President: Threats, Plots, and Assassination Attempts—From FDR to Obama:

‘President Lyndon B. Johnson had a notoriously caustic personality. He famously bullied senators into falling in line on votes by using a mixture of intimidation, threats, and promises of rewards. But much of LBJ’s personality can be gleaned from stories of those who saw him at his most up close and personal: his Secret Service detail.’

Over the past few months we have seen Biden apparently trying to employ similar tactics … strangely, with would be voters.

Below we will show you some videos of Biden seemingly angry and unhinged and frankly -out of control.

But first, here is a video showing Biden putting his hands on a black man who asked a question about climate change.

The Gateway Pundit explains:

‘Joe Biden this week in Iowa lectured a black voter who dared to ask him questions about his plans to phase out US fossil fuels.

Biden poked the black voter’s chest several times as he lectured him about his record.

“Go back to 1986. I’m the first one ever to, first one ever to put forward a climate change bill and Politifact said it was a game changer,” Biden said poking the man’s chest.

“I’ve been working my whole life,” he added as he abruptly walked away.

Biden has a problem touching people and getting in their personal space.’


WOW! Biden needs anger management classes.

Want more?

Here is an example of Biden calling a would be voter a liar and appearing to ‘fat shame’ him:

Here Joe tries to physically intimidate a voter for asking a serious question that the former VP didn’t like:

I’m sure we all have seen these disturbing videos of Biden circulating the web:

Joe, you’re not making the compelling case you think you are making …

In fact you are proving to Americans that you are unfit to serve.

Retire bro- you’ve done enough to destroy America.