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Jennifer Rubin calls GOP a “Death Cult” after Trump’s drive by to greet supporters

Moments ago, Jennifer Rubin had a very strong reaction to President Trump driving by his supporters outside Walter Reed military hospital, calling the GOP a “death cult” in a long tweet storm.


Jennifer Rubin, who identified as a “NeverTrump” opinion writer for Wapo wrote:

He is in the hospital for covid and he wants to infect his supporters??!???!?

Any doctor who approves this or doesn’t threaten to quit and go public if he interacts with the public in this condition should be stripped of his medical license

Trump puts in danger the secret service driver and anyone else helping to get him in the car. This is outlandish.

What doctor allows this when Trump can infect the secret service personnel. Is Trump wearing a mask? Everyone should be horrified by his abject selfishness and vanity

Told ya, Trump is willing to kill people to assuage his ego

I do not understand how any responsible medical person could countenance this. They should have quit and come out to tell the press. They should not be permitted to practice medicine.

maybe a million more women decide they aren’t voting for Trump. the secret service agents are in there and have families, co-workers, etc. Hey, R senators you proud of leaving this monster in office?

She later added “The GOP is a death cult. There is only one pro-life party and it’s not them”