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James Woods’ Tweet About Taliban “Freely Tweeting” While Trump is Silenced Goes Mega-Viral

Can you believe that the leader of a terrorist organization that routinely slaughters people, and abuses women like there’s no tomorrow, has a strong social media presence, but the 45th President of the United States, doesn’t?

That’s the utter disgusting state of affairs that this country is in.

It’s like an “upside-down world” that we’re all forced to live in.

I saw this tweet from former Navy Seal Rob O’Neill, and it really rang true.

Here’s what he said: “Do I have this all right?: Our border is wide open, China’s biological weapon is surging, we closed our pipelines but opened Russia’s, the Taliban is back in charge, we are defunding the police and people with penises are women. What did I miss?”

Everything is upside down, sideways, and crazy, but this government wants us to believe they’re into “science.”

Women with penises and men having babies?

Um, no.

This sort of stuff makes me think all of their so-called “experts” are radical crackpots who’ve completely lost sight of actual science and are frothing at the mouth with woke politics, instead…and  I don’t trust any of them.

And James Woods was kinda going along the same lines, but he was pointing out the same “clown world” rationale of keeping a terrorist online but silencing a patriotic former president.

He makes a great point. It’s absurd and dangerous and it just adds to the division and angst in this country.

Here’s what James Woods said: “The Taliban have an uncensored voice on Twitter, but the 45th President of the United States does not. Our current President will not answer questions the whole world is asking. We are truly lost.”

He’s right.

We’re lost, and falling down a black hole of failed progressive ideology, that nobody wants, except a few fringe kooks who are backed up by corporate America.

And the ironic part here is that corporate America hasn’t done enough research to realize that Americans don’t like this nutty “woke” garbage – or they have and they just don’t care?

If we Americans approved of the left’s “lifestyle,” the Olympics would have had sky-high ratings, and so would the NBA and NFL – and all those “woke” movies at the box office would be blockbusters right now.

Instead, all of that stuff I mentioned above has been roundly and soundly rejected by Americans.

The question we need to really ask ourselves, is why are we allowing this fringe group of people to bully us around?

Once we decide to put an end to that, everything will change – and the way we do that is by speaking up and saying how we feel loudly, and proudly to these woke companies, schools, medical people, and our politicians, among others.

But until then, we’ll be prisoners to the minority.