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If Biden, Harris Or Any Other Republicans Are Doing A Bad Job, It’s Our Right To Call Them Out!

Many black people on social media get angry at me when I call out black leaders who aren’t, in my opinion, serving America well. I do the same for white leaders as well, but nobody says anything about that.

It’s called accountability. You know, the word. How about checks and balances. Our government calls for it but is rarely done these days because of the back and forth between the far left and the far right. The middle has no voice or power anymore, and the country is at a stalemate.

I voted for Donald Trump both times, but I still called him out on things I thought were wrong. I didn’t agree with everything, and since many Americans didn’t know the President as I did, he doesn’t like kiss-ass people anyway. He likes strong individuals that when speaking, can also bring valuable ideas to move the conversation along.

This brings me to this little analysis of Kamala Harris I need to share. Whatever or however you call it – off the cuff, ad-lib, or plain pull it out of your hat chutzpah – Kamala is an unprepared, inexperienced woman with a nervous laugh response problem that is in over her head. Given Joe Biden’s obvious debility, this image of Harris is not one of world leadership nor readiness to stand on equal footing even with other lightweights like Canada’s Justin Trudeau or elitist boors like France’s Emanuel Macron.

During a roundtable conference in Singapore, Harris advised Americans and people worldwide to begin Christmas shopping early because climate change affects the global supply chain.  Unbelievably, she did not refer to the humanitarian crisis the world is witnessing in Afghanistan. There is a legal term referred to as “willful blindness” wherein an individual can be held criminally liable for knowingly and deliberately ignoring the commission of a crime.

Clearly, Biden and Harris are both willfully blind and clueless about how their gross incompetence damages our country’s safety and standing in the world.

Some ask why Harris is not in DC speaking about the debacle in Afghanistan or why she’s been noticeably silent on the events as they happen.

Maybe it’s because Joe does not want his handpicked VP anywhere near what is going on in Afghanistan. The southern border didn’t work out. According to her handlers, it wasn’t good for the optics. Supply optimization? Who can argue with that? Maybe she can give Apple’s Tim Cook some coaching on her way back to Washington.

Our entire personal healthcare/ nutraceutical industries are in jeopardy from the Chinese via legal and illegal methods. Harris should be in NY talking to Wall Street and investment groups about re-building the American chemical/ biochemical manufacturing on American soil. Still, then again, she’s in over her head.

Uncounted thousands of American citizens, allies, and friends trapped behind enemy lines due to sheer incompetence. The President is passing the buck like a hot potato. The VP roams the aisles of southeast Asia, searching for supply chains, whatever those are. At the same time, Speaker Pelosi and Leader Schumer focus on passing the misnamed “American Rescue Plan” act with no understanding of the symbolism involved. But at least the federal Duck Stamp no longer must feature scenes of hunting. Phew! I feel better already. The Ship of State has run aground. Paris is burning. And yet the band plays on.

I know this is asking a lot of a Democrat. Still, if Harris really wanted to do something positive, she’d alter her flight plans to assist in the evacuation of those stranded US citizens in Afghanistan.

To back to how I started the article, social media and their emotionally mentally unfit echo chambers are not real life. Most individuals who use these mediums are hurt emotionally and can’t hold a conversation in a public setting to save their lives.

They attack anyone and everyone to make themselves feel superior, but it really makes them look pitiful. I am not bound to any political party. No matter what color they are, I go after everyone that INCLUDES Majorie Taylor Green, Matt Gaetz, Maxine Waters, Val Demings, the Congressional Black Caucus, and the minority-light Republican side of Congress. We need a better representation of Americans who want to move this country forward, not sit on Twitter and Facebook and fight and then use the victim card to raise money to be re-elected to do the same thing.

When I served in the military, I didn’t sign up to protect politicians, I did so for the country I love, and I’ll be damned if I promote any of these red-carpet politicians or give a pass to the first mixed-race vice president just because it hurts someone’s feelings that I call them out.

We need more accountability from you on these people. Could you get in the game and make it happen?