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‘I Hope They Die’: Left-Wingers React To Positive Coronavirus Diagnosis For Trump, Melania

President Donald Trump announced that he and First Lady Melania Trump tested positive for COVID-19 late Thursday, hours after he confirmed that White House adviser Hope Hicks tested positive for the virus earlier that day.

Despite receiving well wishes and safe recovery from some, other comedians, actors, political candidates, former political staffers, journalists, and other verified Twitter users celebrated and mocked Trump’s diagnosis.

Former MSNBC co-host of “The Cycle” publicly announced that he would not pray for Trump or the First Lady’s recovery. A former Hillary Clinton campaign spokesperson also expressed her desire that both Trump and Melania die.

Another MSNBC host circulated rumors on her Twitter that Trump may have faked getting the virus to get out of the debates.

Max Berger, a former Elizabeth Warren campaign staffer joined the growing list of people who claim that Trump “did this to himself” by “inflicting this same misfortune upon millions of others.” Berger even threw in some accusations about Trump being a white supremacist despite the numerous times he has denounced white supremacy.