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HUGE BREAKING NEWS! — According To Reports: American Soldiers Deployed At Kabul Have Been Shot At, Returned The Fired And Killed Armed Individuals

According to Pentagon spokesman John Kirby, on Monday, American soldiers deployed at the Kabul airport have been shot at and were forced to return fire, killing two.

Two “armed individuals” were shot and killed in separate incidents at the airport, Kirby told reporters.

This is coming as thousands of people crowd around the facility to try and flee Afghanistan after the Taliban took over the country and declared victory on Sunday.

About 2,500 troops are currently at the airport, Kirby noted.

As of Monday, American forces were working with Turkish and other international troops to clear the Kabul airport to allow international evacuation flights to continue.

On Sunday, The Taliban swept into Kabul after President Ashraf Ghani fled the country, bringing an end to a two-decade campaign in which the U.S. and its allies had tried to transform Afghanistan.

Afghanistan’s Western-trained security forces collapsed or fled, ahead of the planned withdrawal of the last American troops at the end of the month.

Residents ran to Kabul’s international airport, where the “civilian side” was closed until further notice, according to Afghanistan’s Civil Aviation Authority.

The U.S. military and other Western forces continued to organize evacuations.

The White House revealed on Monday that President Joe Biden will deliver an address on the security situation in the country.