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George Lopez Says He’d Kill Trump for Half Of Iranian $80 Million Bounty

Eulogist speaking during Iranian general Qassem Soleimani’s funeral reportedly told the crowd that if each of the country’s 80 million citizens contributed $1, there’d be an $80-million reward for “anyone who brings us [Trump’s] head.” George Lopez says, “we’ll do it for half.”

As messed up as this is people cannot forget what happened when Ted Nugent said when president Barack Obama was in office.

If any ordinary citizen said they would assassinate the President for money, the Secret Service would be at their door. Why should the rules be any different for George Lopez?

Whether they be democrat or Republican anyone who dislikes our president so much that they believe assassination is a good option needs to pack their bags and move to a different country where they don’t have a desire to kill the leader of that country. It was wrong to do it for when it was Obama and it’s wrong for putting it out there for President Trump.

This is wrong! You’re entitled to say whatever you want as offensive as it can be regardless if it hurts someone. However, when you become a hypocrite coming from either party claiming you have values but put things out like this your words and character go out the window because you invited criticism and scrutiny for things that could’ve been avoided.