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Former President Donald Trump Demands Joe Biden Resign in Disgrace After Afghanistan Disaster

U.S. House Rep Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) has already filed articles of impeachment against President Joe Biden. That was on the first day Biden took office, in fact. Others have called for him to be impeached as well.

Many have said he is failing on the southern border and Afghanistan. Some have blamed him for rampant inflation, while left-wing outlets may try to refute that claim.

Former President Donald Trump has seen enough. He is calling for Joe Biden’s resignation with an official statement put out via multiple channels. Liz Harrington posted his statement on Twitter as you can read below:

It has now been widely reported that the U.S. has had to send thousands of troops back to Afghanistan after pulling out. This is to rescue Americans at the embassy.

Many weapons and vehicles such as Humvees have been taken by the Taliban. Some have said 20 years of work and a trillion dollars has been blown by Biden’s poor execution of this pullout. Most didn’t want the U.S. to stay, but many argue Biden didn’t do it with a good enough plan.

We are not Middle East experts ourselves but this seems to be the consensus. People don’t like endless wars. Americans have been sick of them for some time now, but this disaster is on a whole other level.

Meanwhile, a Trump-appointed judge just reinstated the remain in Mexico policy for the sad disaster at the southern border. We recently reported on that as well, as you can read here. Stay tuned for updates on this fluid situation and more statements from former and possible future President Donald J Trump.