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Ex-Nevada AG Tells of Ballots ‘Piled up in Apartments and Trash Cans and in Hallways’ Because of Mail-in Voting

During an interview with Tucker Carlson former Nevada Attorney General Adam Laxalt said that President Trump’s concerns about mail in voting are not unfounded and that he expects voter fraud in his state to increase as a result.

Via Fox News:

“This is the game,” said Laxalt, outside counsel for the nonprofit Americans for Public Trust. “It’s about winning elections and gaining power and here in my swing state … you are seeing videos of thousands of ballots that are piled up in apartments and trash cans and in hallways. And this is all because we are doing our first mail-in ballot election in the history of our state all under the cloak of the pandemic.”

Laxalt spoke hours after Twitter slapped a warning label on one of President Trump’s tweets for the first time, cautioning readers that despite the president’s claims, “fact checkers” say there is “no evidence” that mail-in voting would increase fraud risks — while also noting that “experts say mail-in ballots are very rarely linked to voter fraud.” (Emphasis added.)

The former state AG went on to claim that Nevada, which is one of several states that have chosen to expand mail-in voting during the COVID-19 pandemic, has been sending absentee ballots to inactive voters.

“Inactive voters, 200,000 of them were mailed ballots all across the greater Las Vegas area,” he said, “and we have no way to know if these are going to lead to massive voter fraud, and they continue to sue to get rid of signature verifications and to enact the California-style ballot harvesting right here in Nevada.”

Laxalt urged residents to “put pressure” on the Nevada secretary of state’s office as well as local registrars to “stop this practice.”

Laxalt is right.

There is no way that Democrats would support mail in voting if they didn’t believe it would benefit them.

If mail in voting benefited Republicans you know they would oppose it with every breath in their bodies.

In fact President Trump warned today that mail in voting will destroy this country.

Via Breitbart:

President Donald Trump at the White House on Tuesday continued to berate Democrats for pushing vote-by-mail, despite concerns about voter fraud.

“We’re not going to destroy this country by allowing things like that to happen. We’re not destroying our country,” Trump said during a press conference on Tuesday afternoon. “This has more to do with fairness and honesty and, really, our country itself.”

He warned that activists could steal ballots out of mailboxes, print off their own ballots and sign them, and send them or even double count them.

“People take them where they force people to vote,” he warned. “They harvest … They take many, many ballots, and they put them all together, and then they just dump them, and nobody has any idea whether they’re crooked or not.”

Trump said he was fully supportive of someone getting an absentee ballot if they were in another state or had a medical condition, but warned about California sending millions of ballots through the mail.

“Millions. To anybody. To anybody. People that aren’t citizens, illegals,” he said. “Anybody that walks in California is going to get a ballot.”

Democrats want to beat President Trump in November and they do not care if they have to cheat to gain their preferred outcome.