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Dr. Phil : ‘Women Who Support Trump Are Damaged.’

Well-known talk show psychiatrist Dr. Phil McGraw is no stranger to blunt diagnoses.  As Oprah’s guy pal and with a hit show, bestselling books, and successful all-nude soccer team franchise, McGraw has been riding the high life.  That may all change with a bang after last week.

During a show titled : “Sophie’s Choice”, Phil met Sophie Baggersqueef of Diabetes, Florida, a housewife who had become more and more estranged from her husband of 20 years due to political differences.  Ever since the last election, her husband Jonathan, a normal person, wanted nothing to do with Sophie, who had cast her vote for President Trump.  Phil listened intently to her tale of woe, through which, she sobbed softly, and when finished, the doctor delivered this opinion:

“Sophie, first of all, any woman who supports Donald Trump is damaged.  Okay?  No poor husband wants damaged goods.  Women who would lower themselves to the level it takes to admire that mental midget of a con man have zero self-esteem.  Zero.  It’s not even a matter of how stunningly stupid you must be.  It’s a matter of betraying your vagina.   Your vagina is George Washington, Sophie, and you are Benedict Arnold.  Your vagina is angrier than Mike Pence losing his wallet at a Chippendale’s club.  Stop being your vagina’s Ike Turner.”

His rant has caused a lot of blowback from the already melting down Trump supporting minority, but it’s likely to be forgotten within a few days.  Those people have long mumus, but short memories.