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Detroit Police Chief Pulls Back Curtain On Riots – It’s Not Actually About Equality, It’s “Total Anarchy”

Controversy and tension continues to affect law enforcement around the country. Leftist politicians and activists are calling for sweeping reform due to perceived police bias and racism.

However, many officers say much of the backlash is overblown and as a result, they don’t feel supported. They’ve also blamed political leaders for caving to leftist pressure.

Detroit Chief of Police James Craig is one of these strong voices.

Craig made an appearance on Fox News and immediately called out Michigan lawmakers, along with elected mayors in major American cities where rioting has taken hold.

He accused these leaders of putting unnecessary pressure on police officers, and law enforcement is feeling the crunch.

This has also resulted in police chiefs and other high-ranking law enforcement personnel resigning, according to Craig.

Via The Daily Wire:

This is nothing more than protest pressure.

Some who are in political leadership are folding to the pressure by the protesters, so it’s not by accident that you see the number of chiefs across the country who are leaving in large numbers.

They don’t feel supported. The men and women who are on the ground doing this work don’t feel supported.

Just last week, a Detroit judge banned Craig’s police force from using non-lethal tools against peaceful protesters. This included equipment like tear gas and batons.

But Craig claims this order was useless because his officers only use such tools against violent rioters, not against peaceful protesters.

The Detroit Chief also slammed mayors for failing to support their police departments, and instead opting to cave to Black Lives Matter protesters.

Perhaps most importantly, Craig says he believes the riots don’t have anything to do with racial equality:

It has nothing to do with the ethnicity or gender of a police chief. These folks are calling for mayors to resign as well.

It doesn’t matter if you’re Left or Right. It has to do [with] what their agenda is, and it’s not supporting anybody who sits in office, anybody who was appointed as a police chief.

Craig cited the recent unrest in Portland. He said there was a big outcry over using federal officers but when those officers retreated, the people “continued to riot.”

The bottom line is that, according to Craig, we have to stand up and call it what it is: “total anarchy.”

Lastly, he mentioned that some political leaders are too afraid to speak out against it. They’re afraid “they may then be attacked,” he said.

Mr. Craig isn’t the only police leader who has voiced similar sentiments in recent weeks.

Their job is to uphold the law and if that law is being broken, and innocent people are in danger, they believe they should have the means to step in.

But with support waning, their jobs have become that much more complicated.


  • Detroit Chief of Police James Craig spoke out against certain political leaders, accusing them of caving to “protest pressure.”
  • Craig says police officers don’t feel supported, and added that the protests aren’t about race.
  • He called much of it “total anarchy.” He further said many political leaders are simply too afraid to speak up against it.