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In a recent interview, Texas Republican Senator Ted Cruz was asked about his take on Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts after Vice President Mike Pence said in an interview last month that Justice Roberts has been a “disappointment to conservatives.”

Cruz said he agreed and that he believes Justice Roberts “despises Donald Trump” and that he thinks “it is personal.” He continued, “It is difficult to come up with two human beings more antithetical than John Roberts and Donald Trump, in every respect.”

Prior to that, Cruz said that Roberts “has become the new Sandra Day O’Connor.” He said that when Roberts was “a practicing lawyer, he was widely considered the finest Supreme Court advocate in the country.”

In an interview with Mark Levin last night, Cruz lamented the way that Democrats are attacking Amy Coney Barrett personally as they did with Justice Brett Kavanaugh and what it is doing to her family.

“The left views the court as central to their agenda for America and it really goes back to the 1960s, when leftists discovered and seized on the court as a way to implement their agenda that the American people wouldn’t vote for,” Cruz said.

He continued, “They found it was hard to actually win elections on their ideas because their ideas are bad and it was much easier to get five un-elected lawyers, philosopher-kings in black robes, to decree leftist policy outcomes.”

“Starting from the 60s and accelerating into the 70s it got worse and worse and worse and one of the reasons the left is losing their minds right now, with this vacancy, is they feel their hammerlock on the court is in danger of slipping away and it’s about power,” he added.

He explained further, “It’s about power to control America without actually having to convince voters. The hard-left views most American voters as ignorant rubes, they think we’re too dumb to govern ourselves and our elitist betters should set the rules for us, that’s really what drives their rage in this context.”