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Crimes Against Humanity: The Public Trial Continues, So There’s No Way The Truth Will Stay Hidden For Much Longer!

Hitler is a joke of what these organized scientists have already done to humanity and the human race in the entire globe.

The evil plan has already been set and is in motion. The vast distribution of the vaccines, the very normal acceptance of those same vaccines in almost every single state in this world, means that these people are really frightening, especially because they’re so well organized… However, the truth can’t stay hidden for much longer. Evidence appears everywhere – we’re talking about life or death situations here! People’s lives are at stake!

“The misprision of the plan is wicked. We should push back. What they are doing will not be ok on Judgment Day. God hates the shedding of innocent blood.

If the people ever truly wake up (they are not yet) the bad guys AND the ‘good’ guys will not be able to walk down the street. You don’t get to sacrifice the innocent with impunity and BOTH groups are doing it. It’s disgusting.

The American people are afraid to use their second amendment right for fear of prosecution. The Americans don’t understand yet that they are in a war and you must eliminate your enemy at any cost. If you’re afraid to use your second amendment right you don’t deserve to have it. Also, the American population has been brainwashed to believe killing is bad. They don’t understand the difference between killing and murder murder is bad killing your enemy is okay.”