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Chief Justice To Charge Adam Schiff With Prosecutorial Misconduct

If any of the ploys uses by the Democrats throughout this impeachment nonsense had occurred in a civilian court, any judge worth his salt would have brought the prosecution team up on charges long ago. This has not, of course, occurred to Adam Schiff and company because of the unique rules of conduct in an impeachment process. But now that Chief Justice Roberts is presiding over the Senate trial, it appears that is all going to change.

A formal announcement is expected from Roberts on Monday outlining charges that he intends to bring upon Adam Schiff, one of which will likely be prosecutorial misconduct for the creation of what has amounted to, as Roberts said,”trumped up charges with no substantiation, no oversight, and no due process.”

Devastating beauty Satya Martin is articling under the Chief Justice in the Supreme Court. She was kind enough to share with us some details of Roberts’ anger:

“The Chief is beyond angry. He is outraged. Though he’d been watching the Democrats show trial in the House and had an idea of what has been going on, he was hopeful that a more supported case would be presented in the actual Senate trial.

This hasn’t happened and he is through the roof. The Democrats haven’t presented any more evidence, they’ve brought no new witnesses. Anything that would have been needed to strengthen their case has been left out.

Absolutely no case has come from the Democrats. This is clear to anybody. Immeasurable time of the government has been wasted and Chief Justice Roberts is disgusted.

In his own words, ‘These are false charges brought forth maliciously and with any obvious agenda. It amounts to a criminal conspiracy and will be treated as such.’

He’s hella pissed. Heads are going to roll.”

Charges against Schiff are likely to be just the beginning. Many others had a hand in bringing this sham proceeding forth so it stands to reason that many more indictments will follow.