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Rep. Collins Sends A Letter To FBI Director Wray Urging Him To Resign Over The Latest ‘Collusion Hoax’ Revelation

Congressman Doug Collins is now urging FBI Director Christopher Wray to immediately resign following bombshell information released by DNI John Ratcliffe. On Tuesday, Senator Lindsey Graham published a letter from Ratcliffe that indicates the FBI new of an alleged plot by Hillary Clinton’s 2016 campaign of “stirring up a scandal” by linking then-candidate Donald Trump to “the […]

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Game Over: Trump Authorizes Declassification Of All Docs Pertaining To ‘Russia Hoax’ & ‘Hillary Clinton Email Scandal’

The Commander in Chief on Tuesday evening announced on Twitter that he has “fully authorized the total Declassification of any & all documents” related to the Russia investigation and the FBI’s investigation into former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s use of her private email server. “I have fully authorized the total Declassification of any & […]

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Schumer Vents His Irritation Over ‘The Idea Of Having Virtual Hearings’ For SCOTUS Nominee: “A Virtual Hearing Is Virtually No Hearing At All”

During a press conference on Sunday, Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) vented his irritation over “the idea of of having virtual hearings” for Supreme Court nominee Judge Amy Coney Barrett and called for a delay because of COVID-19. “Mitch McConnell seems to be jamming through hearings on Amy Coney Barrett even though three Senators […]

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Joe Biden’s Niece Has Court Date For DUI Charges Pushed To After The Election

Rules for thee, but not for me. Joe Biden’s niece will finally appear in court after she was ­busted on drugged-driving charges in Pennsylvania, but there’s a catch. Her arraignment has been set for Nov. 4 — one day after the presidential election. How convenient. Caroline Biden, the daughter of Joe’s brother James Biden, was […]

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Mom Records Teacher Silencing 10-Year-Old Son Who Supports Trump

Another day, another example of someone being singled out, shamed, and smeared for daring to support President Donald Trump. A teacher at Perry G. Keithley Middle School in Tacoma, Washington, reportedly kicked a 10-year-old child off his classroom chat for answering “Donald Trump” when asked, “Who do you admire and why?” The child responded to […]

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John Brennan Digs the Hole Deeper With Transparently False – and Unhelpful – Explanations for His Notes

John Brennan has issued a response to the release of his handwritten notes of a White House briefing, where it was revealed that senior members of the Obama Administration, including Pres. Obama himself, were advised of information obtained by the Intelligence Community about a “plan” approved by Hillary Clinton to “vilify” Donald Trump by linking […]

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President Trump Pulls the Plug on Wuhan Relief Negotiations With House Democrats

For several weeks House Democrats have been attempting to use the upcoming elections as a way of bullying the Trump administration into accepting a second egregiously expensive stimulus relief package. The administration was asking for about $1.6 trillion, Pelosi wanted an over $2.4 trillion package that would bail out Democrat cities and states that have […]

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Caught: That NBC News ‘Undecided Voters’ Town Hall Was ‘Packed With Biden Voters’, Video Shows

My RedState colleague Mike Miller reported yesterday on how the “undecided voters” at NBC News’s Joe Biden town hall on Monday did not come off as “undecided.” There was good reason to be suspicious of some of the particulars of the town hall, as he pointed out. Most were self-described Democrats, Democrat-leaning or had at the very least voted […]

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Officials of Prior Republican Presidential Administrations Support Counting Late Arriving Ballots With No Postmarks in Pennsylvania

Their hatred for Donald Trump seemingly knows no bounds. Led by former Pennsylvania Governor and Bush Administration Secretary of the Department of Homeland Security Tom Ridge, and former New Jersey Governor and EPA Administrator Christie Todd Witman, ten individuals who have served as officials of the administrations of GOP Presidents Reagan, Bush 41 and Bush […]