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California Dem Gov. Gavin Newsom Unveils His New Plans To Issue Ballots By Mail To Every Voter

California Gov. Gavin Newsom has set himself and his state up for a legal war with President Donald Trump and Republicans over mail-in voting.

The governor signed an executive order to send mail-in ballots to everyone who is registered to vote in the state, Reuters reported.

“There’s a lot of excitement around this November’s election in terms of making sure that you can conduct yourself in a safe way, and make sure your health is protected,” the governor said.

“It’s great for public health, it’s great for voting rights, it’s going to be great for participation because this November’s election is still slated to be the consequential election of our lifetime,” California Secretary of State Alex Padilla said during Newsom’s daily phone briefing.

Democrats have said that mail-in voting would be necessary to keep everyone safe in November, but Republicans, including the president, have said that voting by mail is susceptible to fraud.

Padilla said there is “no safer … way to exercise your right to vote than from the safety and convenience of your own home.”

Yeah, there is also no better way to commit massive voter fraud nationwide to get your desired election result.

And Newsome announced the mail-in ballots just as California began to gradually reopen the economy.

“Roughly 70 percent of the economy in California can open with modifications,” the governor said.

“Just because we announce we have a variation on an opening and people can do curbside pickup, there’s a sense that things are moving again, doesn’t mean that customers are confident and comfortable yet,” he said.

The head of California Republican Party Jessica Millan Patterson pointed to the “motor voter” program and issues with voter rolls as potential speed bumps.

“To mail out millions of ballots to voter rolls have proven to contain alarming errors throughout the state is not a task that these Democrats can adequately manage or safely execute,” she said.

California is the first state to put into place a widespread mail-in voting campaign but it will likely not be the last.

And the legal challenges it will likely face could set a precedent across the nation for states who want to employ similar strategies.

If, however, even one state were to cancel voting in November it could cause a domino effect that would lead to an interim Democratic president,” The Los Angeles Times reported.

“Under the U.S. Constitution, Trump and Vice President Mike Pence cannot stay in office past their four-year terms without being reelected. If the election does not happen for any reason, constitutional rules of succession kick in,” it reported.

“That could mean a lawmaker down the line of succession who is not up for reelection could be the new president. That person very well could be a Democrat, and installing a Democrat in the White House is not an outcome Trump or any partisan Republican seeks,” it said.

“The 20th Amendment says if we have not chosen a president by a certain date, it goes to succession,” UC Irvine election law scholar Rick Hasen said. “It’s not like a delay would keep Trump in office longer.