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The call reportedly took place soon after Harris dropped out of the Democratic presidential primary race in December and begins with an enthusiastic “hello” to a caller she thought was the teenaged Thunberg.

Hello Greta, congratulations on all of your leadership, I am so inspired by your courage and your voice,” Harris says.

The recording is below. The Sun did not identify who actually voiced the “Greta” and “Svante” roles.

The pranksters then ask if there is anything “she” could do to support Harris’ campaign.

The senator says she would like Greta to talk about her climate plan and said that any support would be great. “Greta” mentions how she has tried to speak to other politicians but hasn’t had any luck.

Harris then offers some advice: “There are forces working against our movement and we have to fight for these things. This is that moment, and you have been a great warrior in this case.”

“Greta” brings up Trump and says, “I’m terrified of what Trump is doing. I can’t sleep or eat when I see him on TV. That terrible meeting in the UN building in September, I have nightmares. I saw him in the corridor and shouted to him to sign the Paris climate agreement. He came over and he said softly to me, ‘You will never achieve the goal.’”

Harris tried to encourage the caller she thought was Thunberg.

“… Do not be discouraged, you have the ability to see what is possible in a way that many do not and there will be people who are going to work against progress. That is always the case, always in history, there have been people who work against progress. Listen, nothing that has been achieved in this world that has been about progress came without a fight. This is the nature of it,” she said.