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BREAKING: Democrats formally ask for delay in Barrett confirmation until after inauguration

A group of Democrats led by Dianne Feinstein has formally asked for a delay in the confirmation of Judge Amy Coney Barrett until after presidential inauguration.

The request was signed by all 10 Judiciary Committee Democrats – including Biden running mate Kamala Harris, Cory Booker, Chris Coons, Patrick Leahy, Amy Klobuchar, Mazie Hirono,  Richard Blumenthal, Dick Durbin, and Sheldon Whitehouse.

Feinstein wrote in a statement  “The timeline for consideration of Judge Barrett’s nomination is incompatible with the Senate’s constitutional role,”

She added “We again urge you to delay consideration of this nomination until after the presidential inauguration. The Senate and the American public deserve a deliberative, thorough process, and this falls far short.”

Feinstein claims there is not enough time to review Barrett and her record.

“This timeline is a sharp departure from past practice,” Feinstein wrote. “Even more, it undercuts the Senate’s ability to fulfill its advice and consent role and deprives the American people of a meaningful opportunity to gauge the nominee and her record for themselves.”

Senator Lindsey Graham has made it clear he disagrees, saying this week “The question for the country is, is [Judge Barrett] ready to be promoted? I think the answer is yes. I think she’s done everything anybody could hope a nominee for the Supreme Court would do in their life.”

He added “I think [Judge Barrett] is one of the most qualified people to ever be nominated to the Supreme Court.”