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Black Lives Matter Co-Founder: Joe Biden is a ‘Violent White Supremacist’

BLM co-founder Dr. Melina Abdullah slammed Joe Biden as a ‘white supremacist’

Dr. Melina Abdullah, a founder of the Los Angeles BLM chapter, argues that former Vice President Biden “represents” a “system” of white supremacy in America.

Abdullah made the remarks during an interview with ABC News for a report on Black Lives Matter’s impact on the election.

“People are feeling dismayed that the choices are between, you know, a violent white supremacist and another person who represents that same system,” the activist said.

Abdullah, a California State University professor, previously faced charges arising from her participation in the 2019 BLM protests, including battery on a LAPD officer.

Following pressure against the city from protesters, the charges were later dropped, however.

BLM Los Angeles founder Dr. Melina Abdullah is warning against voting for Joe Biden

Other BLM leaders voiced similar anxiety about the lack of change they can expect from their choices in the election, according to The Blaze.

“I think sometimes, Joe Biden and [President Donald] Trump, and our party on both sides are blinded by the struggles that the lower end of Americans are feeling today,” Lawrence Nathaniel, the co-founder of “I Can’t Breathe” in South Carolina, said.

Nathaniel says he is considering voting for a third-party candidate.


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The report from ABC documented other BLM supporters who were using the momentum from the protests in order to register younger Americans to vote.

Abdullah added that no matter what happens in the election, she planned to continue protesting in the streets.

“In the midst of protest,” she said, “a recognition that no matter what the outcome is to any of these things, we have to stay in the streets.”