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Bill And Hillary Are In Barr’s Crosshairs Again – John Durham Is Officially Investigating Clinton Foundation

The Clintons thought they were free and clear after all these years outside Washington.

But it looks like things aren’t going as planned.

John Durham, of all people, has uncovered something during his investigation of the government’s probe into the Trump campaign.

His findings are leading him back to the Clintons.

Now one of their controversial organizations is in the crosshairs once again:

John Durham, the Connecticut U.S. attorney who is spearheading an investigation into the origins of the Russia probe, has branched out to look into allegations that the Clinton Foundation broke the law…

Among other claims, the organization is alleged to have sought donations in exchange for backing the sale of the Canadian company Uranium One, which had links in the U.S., to the Russian atomic energy agency Rosatom.

It looks like John Durham is comparing how the Obama administration handled two different Russian probes.

Back in 2015, the government investigated the Clinton Foundation—and how it was connected to Secretary Clinton’s backing of the Russian takeover of Uranium One.

After all, Russia had just donated a large sum of money to Hillary’s charity.

It seems like the government gave Clinton a free pass—despite the possibility of a conflict of interests.

But when very little evidence suggested Trump was working for Russia, the same administration launched a massive investigation that morphed into the Mueller probe.

Even though the “evidence” was found in a dossier that could not be verified.

Does that suggest a double standard within the Obama administration? Did the administration let Clinton off the hook, while trying to bury Trump’s campaign?

Perhaps that’s what Durham is trying to find out. In the course of this investigation, will he find out that the Clintons were in fact up to no good?

Many have questioned how Clinton conducted herself during her time in the State Department. Some worry she used her office for a pay-to-play scheme.

Will Durham uncover the evidence needed to prove these allegations? Is justice finally coming to the Clintons?

Do you want to see Trump hold the Clintons accountable?

Key Takeaways:

  • Attorney John Durham is investigating a probe from 2015 against the Clinton Foundation.
  • He is comparing how the government investigated Clinton versus how they investigated Trump.
  • Durham might uncover evidence that the former secretary of state ran a pay-for-play scheme.